ERC Chart of Week – EU Unemployment

EU Unemployment   Summary: Eurostat released the latest unemployment figures for the EU at the end of last week, and the headline rate remained at 9.8% for the whole of the first quarter of this year (down from 10.4% in March 2014). Youth unemployment was also down on last year, falling from 22.8% to 20.9%. […]

ERC Chart of Week – EU Youth Unemployment

EU Youth Unemployment Summary: European unemployment figures for December 2014 were released at the end of last week, and both the headline figure and youth unemployment were down compared to the end of 2013 (unemployment was down from 10.6% to 9.9% and youth unemployment was down from 23.1% to 21.4%). However, as usual with Europe, […]

ERC Chart of Week – European Unemployment

European Unemployment Summary: EU unemployment figures released today highlighted the disparity between countries within Europe, as Germany posted a record low rate and Italy a record high.     What does the chart show? The chart shows the last twenty years of monthly data on the unemployment rate for Italy, Germany, the UK, and the […]

ERC Chart of Week – Regional Unemployment

Regional Unemployment Summary: The UK unemployment rate in the third quarter of this year was announced today, and it has continued to fall to 6% – the lowest level since 2008. However, there are huge regional differences within the UK.   What does the chart show? The graph shows the quarterly unemployment rate (the percentage […]

ERC Chart of Week – EU Unemployment Comparison

EU Unemployment Comparison   Summary: Eurostat published their unemployment update at the end of last week, showing that the rate across the EU28 has fallen from 10.9% last year to 10.2% in July. However, for young people that average figure is 21.7%, and there are certain areas within the EU that are particularly bad for […]

ERC – Chart of the Week – UK Unemployment and Earnings

Summary: The monthly labour market statistics brought further good news this week as the unemployment rate fell to 7.1% in the three months leading up to November 2013. However, real average weekly earnings have also continued to fall.     Source: The Economic Research Council

ERC – Chart of the Week – Underemployment

Summary: The unemployment rate over the past three months fell to 7.6%: the lowest point since the first half of 2009. However, the total number of people who are underemployed remains at the highest level since records began twenty years ago.   What does the chart show? The blue line, measured against the right hand […]