ERC Chart: UK Trade Balance

UK Trade Balance   Summary: The UK’s trade balance statistics for the first quarter of the year were released yesterday. The trade deficit rose to 2.9% of GDP (it has only been higher for a single quarter on three previous occasions since records began) driven by a bigger deficit in the trade of goods. However, […]

ERC Chart:Contributions to UK Trade Balance

Contributions to UK Trade Balance Summary:  UK trade figures out this morning showed that despite a poor month of trading in July, the trade deficit almost halved between the quarter to April and the quarter to July (from £8.9bn to £4.7bn) after a strong summer for UK trade generally. This week’s chart looks at the […]

ERC Chart of Week – UK Trade Balance

UK Trade Balance Summary: Last week it was reported that the UK’s balance of trade deficit increased to an estimated £3.3bn in July, compared to £2.4bn the previous month. In this week’s chart, we take a look at the main components of trade.   What does the chart show? The chart shows the total value […]

ERC – Chart of the Week – UK Trade Balance

Summary: Trade deficit statistics have been even more volatile than usual recently, but the UK trade balance looks like it has been improving slowly.   What does the chart show? The balance of trade is the difference between total exports and total imports (or net exports). A positive number means exports have exceeded imports, and vice […]