ERC Chart: House Price Growth

UK House Price Growth since the Financial Crash Summary: This chart shows that London house price growth over the last decade has far outstripped all other regions in the UK, with areas of staggering growth such as Hackney, which rose 120%. At 78% city-wide, in the last decade London house price growth stands at just […]

ERC Chart: Top 6 Polluters

Top 6 Polluters’ Emissions v.s. GDP Summary: The set of graphs generally indicates that developed countries are beginning to reduce their emissions, whereas India and China are seeing their emissions rise, as they undertake vast infrastructure projects and continue to lift sizeable populations out of poverty. For example emissions in China and India have risen […]

ERC Chart: Composition of Global Debt

Change in Composition of Global Debt Summary: This chart shows a positive trend in the growth of global debt, growing from $87 trillion in year 2000 to $199 trillion in 2014. Household debt rose quickly from $18 trillion in 2000 to $33 trillion by 2007, although the pace slowed by 2014 when it totaled $40 […]

ERC Chart: Market Cap vs Brand Value

Market Cap vs Brand Value Change in Market Capitalisation vs Brand Value Summary: This chart shows the performance of a number of brands detailing the changes in both their stock market capitalisation and brand value over the past year. The results are mixed, with positive increases in brand values not always corresponding to positive increases […]

ERC Chart: Output v.s. Gross Fixed Capital

Productivity Output v.s. Gross Fixed Capital Formation Summary: This chart shows the relationship between the level of gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) and the productivity of the economy. Unsurprisingly, it is higher before the financial crash, at just over 18% of GDP in 2007. The global financial crash caused a dramatic drop, beginning in 2008, […]

ERC Chart: Vacancies v.s. Employment Rate

Vacancies v.s. Employment Rate Summary: This chart shows that the overall employment rate has been tracked by the number of available jobs until the financial crash. Following the financial crash the number of vacancies dropped from 704,000 in Q1 2008 to 432 thousand in Q2 2009, and took until the end of 2014 to recover […]

ERC Chart: Asset Class Performance

Historical Asset Class Performance Summary: This chart shows a snapshot of the performance of different asset classes: UK commercial property, global government bonds and global equity since 2003. Overall, commercial property has yielded the highest percentage return on investment for half the years shown. Equity has yielded the highest returns in 5 out of the […]

ERC Chart: Corporate Tax Rates

Corporate Tax Rates v.s. Receipts Summary: The chart shows that, despite consistent reductions in the taxation rate, yearly receipts of corporation tax have remained relatively stable over the last decade. The exception to this is the two years following the 2008 global crash where revenues dipped to a decade low of £29.6m. Receipts have risen […]

ERC Chart: Support for Nationalisation

Public Support for Nationalisation by Sector and Age Group Summary: With the topic of nationalisation forming a significant part of current debate in the run up to the general election, a survey that gathered information regarding support for nationalisation has formed the basis of this week’s chart. Recent figures have shown a surge in the […]

ERC Chart: Receipts vs Spending

Public Sector Receipts vs Spending Summary: As the general election approaches, these charts provide some information on the current state of taxation receipts and public spending in the UK. The UK government has run a budget deficit as a norm over the last 60 plus years, as expenditure is higher than tax revenue, regardless of […]