ERC – Chart of the Week – Historic Household Spending

Summary: The Office for National Statistics’ annual household spending report came out last week, so this week’s chart is on how household spending has changed over the past decade (just in time for Christmas). ¬† What does the chart show? The chart shows an index of household spending since 2001, broken down into several categories. […]

ERC – Chart of the Week – Clash of the Titans

Summary: As the annual Clash of the Titans economic prediction competition is taking place next week on the 10th December, we’ve taken a look back at last year’s forecasts.   What does the chart show? For each of the three charts, the solid black line shows the previous information that the forecasters were armed with […]

ERC – Chart of the Week – Public Sector Finances

Summary: Public sector finance figures were released at the end of last week, showing that net borrowing had decreased in the financial year 2012/13. We take a look back at the past forty years of public finances.   What does the chart show? The black line, measured against the left hand side, shows the total […]

ERC – Chart of the Week – Graduate Labour Market

Summary:¬†Following on from our chart of the week last week, this week we looked at the interaction between recent graduates and young non-graduates in the labour market, courtesy of a recent ONS report. ¬† What does the chart show? The red and blue lines show the unemployment rate (the percentage of people within a group […]

ERC – Chart of the Week – Underemployment

Summary: The unemployment rate over the past three months fell to 7.6%: the lowest point since the first half of 2009. However, the total number of people who are underemployed remains at the highest level since records began twenty years ago.   What does the chart show? The blue line, measured against the right hand […]