ERC – Chart of the Week – UK Government Revenue

Summary: The UK public sector finances for the financial year 2013-14 were released at the end of last week, so we have updated our previous graph on sources of UK government revenue over the past ten years.   What does the chart show?  The chart shows general government (meaning both central and local government combined) receipts […]

ERC – Chart of the Week – UK Employment Levels

Summary: The Office for National Statistics released further analysis of the 2011 census results this morning, looking at the link between UK employment levels and qualifications. In this week’s chart, we take a look at some of the findings. What does the chart show? The chart shows employment level (that is, the percentage of the total […]

Woodford or Barnett, who is the better manager?

WOODFORD OR BARNETT, NEIL OR MARK? IS THIS REALLY THE RIGHT QUESTION FOR INVESTORS? Since Neil Woodford’s resignation from Invesco Perpetual was made public in September 2013, there has been debate and discussion about who, Woodford or his ‘successor’ Mark Barnett is the better manager. Barnett has long been groomed for the role in which […]

ERC – Chart of the Week – Average House Prices

Summary: At the end of last week, the Land Registry published their House Price Index data for April 2014 which showed that over the whole of England and Wales, house prices went up by 1.5% on the previous month and 6.7% on the same time last year. However, this hides vast regional differences. What does the […]

ERC Chart of the Week – UK GDP Growth by Sector

Summary: When the second estimate of Q1 GDP was released at the end of last week, the preliminary growth rate of 0.8% remained unchanged. This made for a rather boring update to our economic forecasting competition, but there were some interesting statistics in the ONS report, including this breakdown of growth by sector. What does the […]

ERC Chart of the Week – UK Labour Market

Summary: The official UK unemployment rate continued its sharp decline in the three months to March. However, real average weekly wages have shown no real signs of recovery, and the underemployment rate remains stubbornly high. What does the chart show? The red line, measured against the right hand axis, shows real average weekly regular pay (excluding […]

ERC Chart of the Week – UK Healthcare Spending

Summary: Per capita UK healthcare spending has slowed down massively since the 2008 recession, with spending on private healthcare decreasing even in nominal terms since the peak in 2007. However, the mortality rate doesn’t seem to have been affected (yet). What does the chart show? The blue and red lines represent annual nominal public and private […]

ERC Chart of the Week – G7 Post Recession Recovery

Summary: A preliminary estimate of Q1 GDP released by the Office for National Statistics yesterday suggested quarter on quarter growth of around 0.8%. While this is not quite enough yet to take the UK economy back above the pre-recession peak, it does mean we have now seen five consecutive quarters of decent growth. We decided […]

ERC – Chart of the Week – Historical UK Government Debt

Summary: The latest public sector finances were released this week, so we decided to update our chart from this time last year showing historical UK government debt going back to 1855 (this time in 2013 prices). What does the chart show? The chart shows the level of gross debt held by general government (central government […]

ERC – Chart of the Week – Employment by Age Group

Summary: Data released today show that UK employment continued to increase, with the unemployment rate down to 6.9%. This week’s chart looks at how employment for each age group has changed since the financial crisis in 2008. What does the chart show? The chart shows an index of the total number of people employed in each […]