Selecting Fund Manager of the Year

Can you explain how to select the top Fund Manager of the Year #FMYA2017 looking at historic performance alone?

3 year cumulative performance


chart (5)

The chart below shows how the FYMA shortlisted UK Equity Income fund managers would be impacted by changes in UK Inflation and UK Default Spreads.


Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 22.55.41


Your clients want to understand the drivers behind the performance and likely sustainability through a market cycle. Can you explain this?

PureGroup provides new solutions to old challenges, namely how to differentiate your message.

About PureGroup
Traditional methods of broad classification; value/growth, large/small cap and momentum are no longer sufficient to differentiate your fund from the competition. Focusing on leading macro-economic factors, we provide Asset Managers with data to construct messages which can engage your clients.



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