Launching the PureResearch Beta – The Future of Financial Research

Welcome to the PureResearch blog where we will comment on the latest news and innovations in the investment world. We will also explain how you can use our powerful database of investment products and range of services, to make the complex world of financial products easier to understand and interpret.

PureResearch is the new way to research investments, making it easier than ever to find information on every investment product for sale in the UK. Founded in December 2012 as an independent research firm, we enable and encourage the discovery of financial products through our content and services.

PureResearch uses a unique and advanced methodology, developed by leading US academics, to assess financial products. Our Forward Perspective model provides you with insights into investments that traditionally have been the reserve of the most exclusive investment firms. You can access data and analytics into their past and future performance, their exposure to macro economic factors such as interest rates, and their comparative rank against their peer group.

Our powerful tools enable you to search, select and compare financial products using advanced data visualisation and filters. The Smart Screener allows you to quickly create focused shortlists for further analysis, and our Product Snapshots provide a summary of the key attributes of those financial products.

This blog will provide thought provoking insights into investment products, based on our own in-house analysis; peer group comparisons, asset and regional exposure analysis. We will also publish contribution from our external partners, providing a varied range of views and content. Hopefully, you will find this interesting, engaging and it will promote discussions around investment products and the markets.

PureResearch works with the investment industry, and anyone who is interested in investments. We hope that you find this blog factual, interesting, insightful, and challenging. We certainly encourage and welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas; let’s build an investment service that benefits everyone.


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